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Have you considered self-care but need help figuring out how to get started?

Of course, you have. Get excited because that’s why the stars have aligned for you to come across this self-care journal.

This self-care journal has been written and designed with Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in mind. As BIPOC folk, our very existence is about coloring outside of the lines. This book allows you the freedom and flexibility to do it your way. Do you want to journal today and do reflections tomorrow? Go ahead. We have 30 days of journal prompts you can choose from to use in any order you want.

Want to set your intention today but don’t have time for journaling? Again, this is not a problem. The section on intentions also allows for the ability to choose as you go.

Each section allows you to work from anywhere in the journal you desire. It’s completely up to you.

Book features:

Self-care assessments: - Identify your areas of improvement in key life domains and beliefs that stagnate your life journey.

Journal - Using guided journal prompts that offer a structured approach to self-exploration, fosters greater self-awareness, emotional processing, and personal growth.

Intention - Set an intention for your day. Concentrate on it and implement it when necessary during your daily activities.

Attuning to Spirit - Pick your quote, thought, or scripture for the day. Reflect on it and carry it throughout the day.

Guided Reflection: - need to think more deeply about life. Use the suggested reflection questions to analyze where you are currently and how you show up.

Self-Care Checklist - Use the checklist as a guide to the suggestions or practices you can select to commit to daily.

Notes - Blank pages for those who like to journal specifically about their day or use the pages to keep notes about upcoming plans, events, or ideas.

Use this self-care journal as your private space to gain clarity and insight into your current journey and identify areas you would like to improve or recalibrate.

Enjoy the cover photo and photos of BIPOC women in the book, which invites you into a safe space as a BIPOC person. There are many places to write out your thoughts and reflections. When ordering for yourself, don’t forget to order for your sister, friend, co-worker, or mother. Share with the women you believe are on their journeys.

Nurture the Soul Women

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