Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression Intensives

Treatment Programs focusing on Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression

We offer intensive sessions which are strategically designed to support driven, high-achieving women juggling societal expectations and the haunting memories of the past, affecting their daily lives. 

Whether it's a weekday, weeknight, or weekend, block chosen, intensives offer a focused solution designed to tackle the distinct challenges faced by ambitious individuals like you, who are seeking equilibrium amid overwhelming responsibilities and societal pressures.

Are you unable to sustain a loving and nurturing romantic relationship because of sexual trauma?

Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression intensives are an accelerated and concentrated form of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy.  It's designed to address specific issues or traumas more quickly than traditional therapy sessions.  It involves extended periods of treatment over a shorter duration, often involving multiple sessions in a compressed timeframe, such as several hours per day over consecutive days or weekends.

The intense nature of EMDR allows individuals to delve deeply into their concerns and experiences within a shorter timeframe, by aiming to expedite healing and promote quicker relief from symptoms related to trauma, anxiety, or other psychological challenges. It's tailored to suit those who might find traditional weekly therapy schedules impractical or insufficient for their needs.